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Welcome to AdoboHamburger.com! I’m Jason Cook.

When I created AdoboHamburger.com, I took the things most commonly thought of as being “American” and “Filipino”, the hamburger and adobo, and put them together, just like my wife and me. I thought then that all I would be blogging about was the “culture shock” I experienced as an American married to a Filipina.

There wasn’t much “shock” being married to Menchu, though. We were still in the U.S. and most of my posts wound up being about my wife’s cooking or what I thought of the Philippines.

When we moved to the Philippines, I thought, again, that there would be a lot of cultural differences to write about. What I found was that I was asking questions and experiencing problems that were more practical, more everyday. Some of the things I was wondering about were:

  • where do I buy good hand tools?
  • can I find any of the brands here that I liked back home?
  • is the transportation safe?
  • what prescription drugs are equivalent to those I’m taking now?
  • can I shop online in the U.S. and ship things here?
  • how do I buy land and build a house here?

A New Focus

So instead of posts about differences between Filipinos and Americans, I was writing posts about visiting Boracay, and what kinds of wines or cheeses I found here in Davao.

So I changed the focus of AdoboHamburger.com to “Travel, food, and expat life in the Philippines”.

There are points where American and Filipino cultures clash, and I’ll write about them, too. But there are a lot more simple, day-to-day things to write about. I hope that AdoboHamburger.com will help people find answers to real problems, tips about travel and information about food in the Davao and other parts of the Philippines.

Thanks for reading about AdoboHamburger.com!