House Plans: A House In The Philippines

An architect's perspective of the front of our house.

This is the third installment of the series on designing and building a house in the Philippines. An index to all of the posts in this series can be found here: House Build Philippines: Index.

We also built a concrete hollow block perimeter fence. The index to all of the posts in that series can be found here: Perimeter Fence Philippines: Index.

Gearing Up Again

House designer's equipmentOnce the concrete hollow block wall was up and the lot filled and rolled level, we were ready to turn to building the house.

We decided to not have the architect who designed the wall and the house continue with the house build. We had to find our own contractor. That was harder than you might think. There is no “Angie’s List” here. Few contractors even advertise on the web. We literally had to choose between two guys that didn’t reply to emails and two guys who showed up. One of those guys came to us because he had built a house for one of my wife’s school friends.

We chose the contractor who had built my wife’s friend’s house. We drew up a contract. Since we had plenty of experience with hardware stores, we again would be purchasing most of the materials. In no time, we were gearing up again for months of construction.

The House Plans

The original house drawings are here.

We have a 768sqm lot. We wanted a house that would sit in the middle of the lot and not have a roof easy to climb onto from the wall. Large windows to catch breezes and long roof overhangs for shade were musts.

We wanted three bedrooms and two full baths. Since we had a back patio for entertaining, we wanted a “powder room” (toilet and sink) there. The cats would have their own little Pet Room. My wife wanted a big walk-in closet in the Master bedroom. We wanted a small utility room just off the kitchen with a door to the outside while a carport and a laundry area were also planned.

The photo is what the architect drew up. Pretty nice, huh?

360ยบ View 

Here’s a gallery of photos that show what the house would have looked like if we built it as drawn.

Changed House Plans

A number of things changed as we went forward with the house build. 

  • We cut the double sliding doors to the patio from the Master bedroom because of our concern they wouldn’t be secure.
  • We cut the double sliding doors for the main entry as well for the same reasons.
  • The Pet Room was removed because it ate up too much of the master bedroom.
  • We cut the Utility room from off the kitchen to make more room for the shower area in the guest bathroom. The kitchen doorway that led to it ate up our kitchen cabinet space as well.
  • After seeing how small the living room would be in reality, we moved the front wall and the Master bedroom wall out. The contractor knocked down a partially-built wall for this.
  • We scrapped the walk-in closet because it would have made the Master bedroom feel smaller.

Here We Go

The first delivery of coco lumber arrives.The backhoe arrives in a dump truck.The first materials to arrive on the lot were lengths of coco lumber that the crew used to lay out the boundaries of the house.

The second thing to arrive was a backhoe! Now we’re really in business!


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