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Backyard Bacon: Raising Pigs in the Philippines

backyard bacon - pig photoRaising backyard bacon isn’t possible in many places. In the Philippines, it’s not only normal, it’s a small source of income for thousands of families.

The Big Baboy

Baboy is the Filipino world for pig. And pigs are big here. Pork consumption in the Philippines, according to (undated) numbers from De La Salle University’s Salkneta Farm website, is 15.07 (33 lbs.) per-person each year. According to an August 25, 2015 article by Euromonitor, pork accounts for fully half of the meat consumed in the Philippines. Most of the rest is chicken.

Pinoy Landrace pigs (which we will raise) weigh about 400-lbs when mature. From what I can tell, the line is originally from Denmark. For a good visual example of the Big Baboy, try this YouTube link.

Why Backyard Bacon?

I guess this is really two questions. The first is: Why raise pigs? The second one is: Why raise pigs in the backyard?

Why Raise Pigs?

The reason is moolah. Dinero. Cash. Money. The profits aren’t huge with a backyard operation like this. But the money is steady. People here eat lots of pork. Lechon (roast whole pig) is the absolute number-one party animal for non-Muslims here. Not only will the money supplement our income, nut we’ll also have access to the freshest pork possible.

Why In The Backyard?

Well, technically, it’s the neighbor’s backyard but since it is next-door, it might as well be our backyard.

The reason that we’re setting up backyard bacon is simple: we tried and failed to find a plot of land to raise them on. While we were nearing completion on our house, Menchu was searching for a small lot to build the piggery.

We were close to cutting deals a couple of times but they collapsed for various reasons. We had actually inked a deal but the owner started allowing another buyer to encroach on our lot and some other things went down and we wound up just asking for our money back and selling the lot back to him.

What’s This Backyard Bacon Thing Look Like?

I’m glad you asked! It’s not going to be very large. It will have just two “rooms”. We’ll start with several piglets and then keep the best female for breeding. The “rooms” will eventually hold the piglets on one side and mama on the other. In order to keep the smell to a minimum, we built a piggy septic tank.

Here’s the sty as it looks right now. It’s about half finished.

backyard bacon - the sty

And this shot is a close-up of the piggy poop holder.

backyard bacon - the septic tank

What do you think? Will we wind up really “makin’ bacon”? Or will we go “whole hog” for nothing? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.



photo credit: Peripatetic Pig (Talent, Oregon) via photopin (license)

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