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Stretching out

Stretching OutThere it is, the road ahead. What’s on it? Where does it lead? Those are things we’ll never know from this vantage point. Only traveling down that road will answer those questions.

When I got the idea for, I thought that it would be easy to post about the cultural differences between Americans and Filipinos simply by observing my wife.  I was wrong.

Part of the reason I was wrong – and that the blog has been sitting here empty since Thanksgiving 2012 – is because there really aren’t that many differences between my wife Menchu and me, culturally speaking. Not enough to power a blog with, anyway.

Another part of the reason it is so empty around here is that my life is overpopulated with personas. I had two blogs, three Facebook accounts, two Twitter accounts and five or six email accounts. I really needed to consolidate things.

After I hit that revelation today, I thought that I needed to set up a new, umbrella type of account to blog and Tweet from. I spent some time trying to come up with a cool name for a new web site, even trying some Bisaya (a.k.a. Cebuano, a local dialect) and Tagalog words. Menchu convinced me that the “good”, easy words I was finding to name my web site, like kausaban, which means change,  were usually used by religions and political sites. That wouldn’t do for me. I wasn’t after such profound meaning.

I thought about it for a long time today and I realized that AdoboHamburger, this site, is exactly what I needed. As I say on my About page, I am an Adobo Hamburger. I’m an American flavored with the Philippines. Everything going on in my life now is filtered through my my marriage to my wonderful wife, Menchu,, our combining our lives and cultures and our desire to live in the Philippines in the near future.

So AH is it. This is all there will be of me. I will Tweet, Instagram, post and Facebook through AH. I hope you’ll come along for the ride down the road that is stretching out ahead.



Road photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc
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