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The Say What Haircut

Young boy getting his hair combed during a haircut.

For the deaf or hard of hearing expat, even a haircut can be harrowing.


Haircut? What? What?

As many of you know, I’m what the experts call “profoundly” hard of hearing. My right ear doesn’t work anymore and my left ear is really bad.

This presents problems in everyday life that are sometimes amplified by living in a foreign country where people who speak English do so with accents. 

One of these everyday problems is getting a haircut. 

I have an almost impossible time trying to tell the barber how I like my hair. Many times I just can’t hear what the barber asks. Other times, I can hear but I can’t understand.

And during the haircut? Well, it’s really, really quiet. That’s because I can’t hear anything. I have to remove my hearing aids completely so that they don’t get damaged or wet.

The Well-Briefed Wife

To solve this communication problem, my wife goes with me to the barbershop or salon.

After being married for eight years now, she knows how I like my hair and knows how to explain to the barber what to do. She’ll even tell him to take more off. That’s how well she knows me.

She does all of the talking and the barber asks her all of the questions. See, I forgot to say so but when I take off my glasses, I can’t see myself in the mirror clearly, either. I’m nearsighted!

Naturally, I have to trust my wife completely. Without being able to see clearly or hear at all, I’m at her mercy! In eight years, she’s never been mad enough at me to order up a Mohawk!




One Response to The Say What Haircut

  1. Queeniebee March 13, 2018 at 9:28 AM #

    I agree JD, it pays to be proactive, and aware of how you fit into the scheme of things here. Some government laws take time to “grow teeth” and many times companies/businesses cut corners, putting the average citizen at risk.
    When living here long term one must be very careful, and also hope that circumstances don’t get you caught up in precarious situations.

    In Cebu, some laws that protect citizens, are starting to be better enforced, so that’s a good sign. A general lawlessness won’t benefit anyone in the long run. I’m hopeful that the local government will continue to oversee laws and police businesses to better protect workers and citizens.

    As far as the haircut goes, I don’t think that a Mohawk is necessarily a bad thing to get!:)

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