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What’s your angle?

what's your angleWhat’s your angle? It seems everyone has one. Especially if you’re talking about looking for the advice of an expatriot about living in the Philippines. Things can quickly escalate until you feel like you’re looking at the the building in the photo at left and you’re “all angled out”.

I’m not necessarily talking about a salesman’s angle here. People who sell things for a living try to “come at you” a certain way, with a certain sales pitch. The “angle” they use is what they say to get between you and your wallet.

No, when I ask, “What’s your angle?”, I mean more about how you think about things.

My wife and I have bought a few hundred square meters of land in the Philippines and we are actively pursuing our plan to move there and build a house on that land.

Naturally, I’m doing some research here online concerning the expectations and experiences of others who have done the same. And everyone has an angle!

Some people trust the local contractors, some don’t. Some say use the regular local concrete block. Some say use the local suppliers but have block made to higher specifications. Some say make the block yourself. Some say make 35 blocks per sack of cement. Some say 40 or more. Others say use poured concrete for the walls. Other say something else. Some people gripe and complain so much about the Filipino crews that built their homes, you have to wonder if they like Filipinos to begin with!

“What’s your angle?” seems to be the question I ask myself the most while I’m reading the various blogs and forums dedicated to expats living in the Philippines.  Bank this way. No don’t bank that way, bank this way. Go here for that. No, not there, go there and get that. Fill up this form. No, not that one, fill up this one and take it there.

I don’t want to make a terrible mistake so I’ll keep reading and keep considering advice but all of these angles make it hard to walk a straight path to expat happiness!


photo credit: koeb via photopin cc

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