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Holy Week

Crosses in Bacolor during Holy WeekTomorrow is Easter, the culmination of what is known in many parts of the world as Holy Week.

In the Philippines, workers have the Thursday before Easter off as well as Good Friday.

The Thursday before Easter is known as Maundy Thursday and it commemorates Jesus washing his disciples’ feet and what’s known as the Last Supper.

Here in America Good Friday isn’t a federal holiday and just 12 of the 50 states designate it as a state government holiday. Some unions have negotiated the day off with pay and businesses are, of course, free to give their employees the day off.

Holy Week in the Philippines is a travel week with workers who have relocated to Metro Manila and other cities traveling back home to the provinces to be with their families.

As my wife Menchu’s friends and family began to “greet” her for the holiday (a term I love but that we don’t use here in America), Menchu had to explain that, no, we weren’t traveling and no, we didn’t really have any plans and that I didn’t even have Good Friday off from work.

Our two cultures really treat Easter differently. How about you? How did your plans for Holy Week and Easter turn out?



Crosses photo is © istolethetv and used under Creative Commons license.

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