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Make money in the Philippines

Honesty early in

I’ll be up front, “How to make money in the Philippines”  isn’t a get-rich advice post or an offer to sell you an ebook that will solve all of your money woes. If you need to get rich quick, turn some scratch fast before you hit skid row or have money woes of another kind, this post won’t help you. Sorry about that.


What’s the problem?

If you spend any time at all on expat blogs or forums, you’ll notice that the one thing that expats-to-be always seem to want to know is how to make money in the Philippines. I’m not an expat yet but I am fond of money, both Philippine pesos and Almighty Greenbacks. The currencies are valued differently but the way to get your hands on them are exactly the same: make something or do something that someone else will trade them with you for.

Some of the To-Be’s as I call them need to make a living. They need to make a minimum amount of money to keep body and soul together and that’s in the range of tens of thousands of dollars each year. I don’t have an answer for those To-Be’s. Some things I’ve read, though, run the gamut from starting and operating a business online that’s based out of the country (tele-commuting) to partnering with a Filipino in a currently successful business in the Philippines.

The other To-Be’s are like me. My wife and I have some land in the Philippines. We will build a house on it. We’d like to supplement our outflow of money with a bit of inflow. It would be nice to make $15,000  a year (some P50,000 per month) and pay our way, saving our “other” money for splurging on trips around the world and gold-plated caviar but it probably won’t happen. Supplementing is what we’re thinking. Making a little cash to offset our spending.


What’s the plan?

One thing we’ll do is leaving as many of the fruit trees on the property untouched when it comes time to clear space for the house. If I understand the process correctly, the deal is we will be paid by the tree, the harvesters will take our fruits – like durian – and sell them, making their own profit.

Another plan is to be stinking rich in the Philippines, literally, by purchasing a small parcel of land nearby and putting a little piggery on it. Not a piggery for little pigs, but a small piggery operation for normal-sized pigs. My wife has already studied the piggery process and come up with a business plan. We won’t be bacon barons by any means but we’ll supplement our monthly money by a few thousand pesos maybe, once the pig thing flies.

If you lean toward the Filipino way of life, there are a lot of ways you can make a little supplemental income in the Philippines. So many families don’t have things like refrigerators or freezers that you can make a little beer money selling ice or “ice candy” just from your front porch in the evening.

Of course, that’s if you’re not locked up in your house behind a wall, a kilometer beyond a main gate manned with guards 24/7. We’ll have a wall, a gate and a dog or two for just plain smart safety, but no snipers in turrets or boiling oil on the ramparts.  I don’t want to be so far removed from the locals that I forget why I want to live in the Philippines to begin with.

If you are inclined to the natural way of things, there are a lot of ways to learn to raise some animals or plant some food of your own. Here is one in a series of videos on raising pigs. Other videos in the series deal with other subjects and have instructions and tips. Actually, these videos are geared toward people who want to have larger operations someday. You can still find some inspiration and get some good tips from them.




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