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I love you honey!

A 24-ounce squeeze bottle of Kelley's HoneyPart of the idea in moving here from the US was that the things we’d lose were outweighed by the things we’d gain.

I think the result, after five years, has been positive for the Philippines, even taking into account my natural inclination to bitch and moan.

One of the things that has been hardest to get used to is the supply chain. Everyone who lives outside of metro Manila knows well the refrain, “Sorry, sir. No stock.”

From refrigerators to the fried chicken at the chain restaurant famous for its fried chicken, Filipino businesses always run out of things. (Just now, there seems to be no Gaviscon antacid in the city.)

A few months ago, honey was hard to find here. I don’t use white sugar in hot coffee or tea and haven’t for years. I like honey in my black tea and on my toast.

I had read where the bee die-off around the world and human greed was resulting in fraudulent honey being pushed to market on a massive scale. What many people were getting when they paid the higher price for honey was a product that was “cut” with thick sweeteners like corn syrup.

I tried to stick with the SueBee brand, a US brand, to avoid being ripped off but that brand had disappeared from the shelves along with the rest.

What I began seeing here was a lot of Chinese honey. I don’t trust Chinese brands when it comes to edibles. They’re the country that discovered how to make fake rice, after all.

So I ordered two bottles of the pictured honey from The Great Satan (Walmart) and had them sent in a balikbayan box. I’m glad I did.

The honey is delicious. It’s not cloudy like in the photo so I don’t know about its actual degree of “rawness”.

It’s impossible for the average person to tell whether a honey has been cut with syrup. I just think about how many bees it takes to make an average 16-ounce bottle of honey and try multiplying that by the amount of honey for sale and my eyes (honey) glaze over.

I don’t know if this honey is adulterated. I do know that it tastes good and, for the relatively small amount I use, it was priced right.

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