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Pascual Creamy Delight Yogurt: Food Finds

Photo of the Pascual Creamy Delight Yogurt flavor lineup.


Don’t Take Fake

I normally don’t eat yogurt here in the Philippines. That’s because the yogurt available here is what I grew up calling “fake yogurt”.

When I was a kid, the apex of yogurt was Dannon. Packaged in waxed paper containers, the low-fat milk yogurt had the fruit on the bottom of the container that you had to stir up. When you first opened the lid, there was always a thin film of sour, milky “water” on top of the yogurt. 

Milk, of course, is everywhere in the U.S. Yogurt back then was always naturally cultured cow juice, some fruit maybe, some sugar maybe, and that’s it. If you didn’t eat it within about a week, it went bad.

Years later, someone decided that stirring was too hard for Americans so companies started adding gelatine to keep everything emulsified. And, by adding gelatine, they were able to sell less actual yogurt yet charge a higher price for the “convenience” of not having to stir.

Much later, many other ingredients were added to some products to help cut costs and extend the yogurt’s shelf life. These were always sold as improvements and bumped up the price a bit.

This was the fake yogurt I knew.

But, Pascual!

Yes, Pascual Creamy Delight yogurt contains gelatine. Yes, it contains modified food starch. And yes, they keep everything in the container emulsified and firm. If I was in the U.S., I probably wouldn’t buy it.

But here’s the thing: Real, fresh milk products are difficult to come by here in the tropics. I am not back in the U.S. where there’s a cow on every corner.

Another thing: this yogurt is pasteurized. That means that here in the land of heat, it doesn’t need refrigeration to stay fresh.

Yet another thing: this stuff tastes good!

Pascual Creamy Delight Yogurt: I Eat Some

Photo of a container of Pascual Creamy Delight Greek style plain yogurt.

My wife bought a 4-pack of the plain Pascual Creamy Delight Greek Style plain yogurt because I was having some stomach trouble last week. I wanted to get some of those active yogurt cultures in me after scouring out everything due to LBM.

I didn’t expect much but took it as a good sign that it’s a European product. It’s made in Spain by Grupo Leche Pascual and imported and distributed by Filipino company Asia Brewery. Inc.

Thinking that a lot of European foods are “better” than American foods, I ate two of them after I chilled them in the fridge for a while.

I was not disappointed. Where an American brand would most likely be sickly sweet, the Pascual Creamy Delight Yogurt was lightly sweet. It had the familiar yogurt tang. And while I knew the texture was largely due to emulsifiers, the yogurt was smooth, creamy and thick – everything you could want in a yogurt.

We have since bought the strawberry and vanilla flavors of this Pascual yogurt. The strawberry is every bit as good as the plain Greek style. I’m sure the vanilla will be as well.

As a super, extra-special, fantastic bonus, the tiny plastic cups this yogurt comes in will make fantastic starter containers for my tomato plants! Winner!

I now make an exception for this brand of yogurt and will buy it regularly.


*Dislaimer* – I received no consideration for my review of this product. It is a wholly unsolicited review and only my personal opinion.



Photos from the Pascual website and the official Pascual Philippines Facebook page.


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