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The Wobbly Wall

The Wobbly Wall Photo 1

The section between the single gate and the double gate is our Wobbly Wall.

China has its Great Wall. Israel has its Wailing Wall. Even old Emperor Hadrian of Rome had a namesake wall built to keep the Scots from thwacking him in the head.

We had a Wobbly Wall. It was built by our wall contractors and designed by our architect.

The Wobbly Wall

It came to be known to us as The Wobbly Wall right after we started on the house project with our new contractor. One day the foreman, Abon, happened to stick out his arm and lean against the wall and notice that the darn thing moved! No, it wasn’t his arm that moved, the wall did!

“Ma’m,” he said to my wife, “Your wall moves!”

We should have known it earlier. We had to hire a mason to finish plastering or, parging, the columns that the first contractor had left undone. We hired him from off of our neighbor’s remodel project in the development where we’re renting. He wasn’t a very good mason and when he mentioned that the wall was cheap like in the house he was working on (across the street from us) because it moved, we didn’t believe him. After all, he’d stretched the truth about his masonry skills, why would we expect his engineering skills to be much better?

Right after we discovered that The Wobbly Wall did, indeed, wobble, we sent the architect a NastyGram™ and he sent his foreman out to take a look. His foreman took a look, saw it wobble for himself and said, “Yes, it moves. But the reason it moves is because there are two steel gates  (our “man” gate and half of our “car” gate) on a short expanse of wall. It’s not cracked or crumbling so it’s not our fault.”

Except that your boss DESIGNED IT!

The Fix Is In

A couple of rather crackling telephone discussions followed between the architect and my wife and in the end, as usual, she prevailed and he agreed to reduce our final payment by whatever it cost our new contractor to make our Wobbly Wall not wobble.

The Wobbly Wall Photo 2

The Wobbly Wall excavated for concrete reinforcement.

The new contractor excavated downward to the original footer and outward a few more feet wider on both sides of the wall. He then had the hole filled with a bunch of concrete, essentially making a much wider footer. The wall is now anchored well and is The Wobbly Wall no more.

Now, I suppose that you may be asking yourself about the new contractor and the house build project and maybe about where the heck I have been for the last couple of months.

Well… I need another H2 tag here anyway so I might as well explain.

I Explain My Whereabouts and Such

In short, we’ve been busy. I thought the wall was a complicated project but I had no idea about complicated until we started on the house. There are a million decisions to be made, even more when you’re buying the materials yourself like we are. We’re at the site every day, too and all I have on-site is my smartphone which makes it hard to post real blog entries. Am I whining? I might be whining.

I have been pretty active on Instagram and Twitter (which is why you should follow me on IG at AdoboHBurger and on Twitter @AdoboHamburger) so I have that in my favor. Really, though, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see both my new blog entry notices and my new Instagram photo notices so, score!



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