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Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans I knew that it was bad out there but I was unprepared for the level of ignorance and hate aimed at President Obama even before he set foot in the Philippines.

Hmm? No, not from Filipinos, who certainly have more than a few legitimate gripes with the U.S.A., but from Ugly Americans posting and commenting on Filipino news sites and Facebook walls.

As an American married to a Filipina, I like to think that I’m in a club.  I guess that I want to think that the exclusivity of that club naturally weeds out the morons.

I mean, I look at what it takes for an American to be a typical member of this “club” and expect a certain level of intelligence and understanding. Membership requires complete openness to people from a different genetic pool who have different looks. It takes the same openness to accept a very different cultural experience and its expression. It takes a goodly amount of brain power and a sense of dedication to plow through the fiance visa process. It requires the ability to be compassionate when the inevitable loneliness swamps your new wife or husband.

So I like to think that all of that required compassion, intelligence, understanding and openness as being a filter that “catches out” the certain types of people.

When I see American ex-pats, Americans engaged to Filipinos or married to Filipinos and living in the U.S. just seething hatred in their posts and comments in these international venues, it’s a shock and disappointment that not only is the club I belong to open to morons but that these (mostly) men are just brutes. And I feel sorry for their loved ones.

Note that I didn’t add “political affiliation” to the list up there. You don’t have to be a left-of-center like I am to know that bad-mouthing our nation’s President in an international forum is wrong.

I remember back in 2006 when Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez stood up in front of the United Nations and called President G.W. Bush names. As much as I disliked Bush, I nailed Chavez to the wall.

Why? Well, because my Aunt Beulah may be a bitch and I may know that my Aunt Beulah is a bitch but if I catch you calling Aunt Beulah a bitch, I’m going to break your jaw. You don’t talk trash about my family. Only we can do that.

So stop acting like an Ugly American. Stop trying to satisfy your own psychological needs by taking down the President on the international stage. You’re embarrassing your country.



photo found on: Philippines Today US

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