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The Big Squeezer: Make Lemon Juice For Cocktails

Make Lemon Juice! Cut and whole lemons

A while back on Facebook I showed how I make lemon juice for the cocktails that I like to make. I cut the lemons in half and squeezed them all by hand. But now I’ve got a brand-new citrus squeezer.

Out Of The Box

Photo of the J and J citrus juicerThis is the J&J Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer I purchased from about a month ago.

You can buy it for yourself right here from my affiliate link: J & J Citrus Juicer.

This juicer is heavy-duty! Most of it is chromed metal. The horseshoe-shaped base cover is plastic.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why it was so heavy but when I started to make lemon juice I realized that if it was lighter, it would tip over too easily.

Photo of J and J citrus juicer removable strainer and funnelIt comes out of the box in just two pieces: the whole juicer and the lever. The lever simply screws into place. It unscrews easily so you can put the juicer back in the box again for storing.

There are two parts that remove for cleaning and both are stainless steel: the strainer and the funnel that it sits in. The squeezer cone top doesn’t remove but it’s very easy to wipe clean.

Here’s a look at the strainer and funnel back in place after I washed them, and a view of the upper squeezer cup (with the juicer laid on its side so I could photograph it):

Photo of the juicer strainer and funnel in placePhoto of the juicer on its side to show the top squeezer cup






Make Lemon Juice Fast!

How To Do It

Photo of a half of lemon in the juicer ready to be squeezed

Slice your citrus fruits in half and place them on the strainer cut side down. You don’t have to worry about rolling the fruit on the counter or microwaving the fruits for 30-seconds to help them release their juice with this juicer. None of those “tricks” are needed because this juicer squeezes every drop of juice out of the fruit.

It squeezes so completely that it splits the peel!

Photo of a glass with a tea strainer in it ready to catch the juiceI used an 8-ounce “highball” glass to catch the juice. It’s about 5-inches tall.  There’s a good 6 or 7 inches between the funnel and the countertop so there’s room for most anything you want the juice to go into.

I have a fine tea strainer that I use at my bar and I just plopped it in the top of the glass. It caught all of the seeds and pulp. You could use the kind that have handles on them, too.

Photo of the juicer with the pull lever in the down, or squeezed, positionThen, just hold the base with one hand and pull the lever down to squeeze the juice out of the fruit.

The lever works smoothly and it doesn’t take a great deal of strength to pull it down which is nice. It’s actually kind of fun!

Wait a couple of seconds for the juice to run into your container and then just lift the lever again, remove the spent fruit and “reload”.


Photo of the juicer strainer and funnel after squeezing with lemon pulp on themCleanup is easy!

After you’re through juicing, just lift the strainer out and turn the funnel slightly until you can pull it out of its holder.

I rinsed both parts to get the pulp off of them and then washed them with soap and water. After they dried, I put them back on the juicer, unscrewed the handle and popped the whole thing back in the box. It’s in the closet now, waiting for my next batch of lemons!

How Much Juice?

Photo of a graduated beaker holding 45 milliliters of lemon juiceProbably the most surprising thing to me was the amount of juice I was able to get from a lemon with this juicer compared to doing it by hand. A whopping 45ml!

The lemons here in Davao are small and I used to have to let them get almost too ripe before squeezing just to get a good amount of juice from them. I rolled them on the counter to coax extra juice out like the chef’s on TV tell you.

Still, getting all the juice out of a fruit when you’re juicing with one of those old manual juicers depends on how hard you can press down on the fruit while working it back and forth.

Using this J & J Citrus Juicer let me get all of the juice out of the lemons without hurting my wrist or shoulder!

Another thing I found is that I suddenly had too many lemons! I was used to buying 12 lemons to get enough juice to mix my favorite cocktails but I now had the same amount of juice from just 9 lemons!

I really like this juicer and I fully recommend it to everyone who wants fresh orange, lemon, dalandan, dalanghita, or ponkan juice! You might be able to fit smaller pomelos (suha) in this too!

Here’s a video of the squeezing operation. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Header Photo Credit: Rob.Bertholf Flickr via Compfight cc

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