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Old rusted toolsTools. Everyone needs them. Not everyone has them. Here are a few sets of tools available from online store that will fix you up quickly to be a quicker fixer-upper!

So Many Tools, So Little Use

I like tools. Back in the U.S., I worked as a building maintenance engineer with a real estate company. I had a lot of tools at work that were owned by the company and a pretty good collection of my own.

When I moved here to Davao, I brought all of my old tools with me. I even purchased new sets of tools like ratchets and pliers sets. I have a nice little workshop area behind my house that has steel-barred storage shelves and drawers where all of my tools are stored.

And there they sit with the lock on the grate until I need one.

Then I have to get the key, go out to the workshop, unlock the grate, open the toolbox or drawer and, uh, no, that’s not the one. Maybe try the other. No, not in there, either. OK, last try. There! That’s it!

I have the tools but I don’t use them very often so I sort of forget where they are.

Here’s a roundup of tool kits that would be much easier to keep in one place, indoors. They’re all inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t mind it if the wife or the workers we sometimes employ (who never seem to have a tool of their own!) used them and abused them.

(Links on this page are affiliate links and earn me a few pesos when you buy.)

Bosch 108-piece Tool Set

Bosch 108 piece tool set

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This tool set from world brand Bosch is one of the most complete home tool sets I’ve seen. In total, it has 108 of the most-needed tools and repair items to make quick fixes in your home or office. 

At just ₱2,059.00, it’s priced perfectly as a quick-fix set for you, your business, or your spouse here in the Philippines. The best part of the price is that it’s not only a bargain, it’s not so expensive that you’ll cry if it walks off. (If you know what I mean.)

It’s completely tricked-out with screws and wall anchors (plugs) and the case makes it easy to keep your tools secure.

This Bosch Promoline 108-pc Handtools Set contains:

An LED Flashlight, Claw Hammer, Pincer Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Adjustable Wrench,  Measuring Tape,  Electric Tape, Voltage Detector Tester Pen, and Hand saw (hacksaw).

Plus: Allen key (Hex key): 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm., 

Also contains a ratchet-handled driver with adapter for the following:

Screwdriver bits: Philipps – 1, 2, and 3. Star – 6 and 7. Hex 5 and 6. Torx T15 and T20.

Hexagon sockets: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm.

Precision bits:  Philipps – 00 and 000. Torx 6, 0.8 and 1.2 mm. Slotted 1.2 and S1.5.

The set also comes with a supply of the most-used sizes of household screws and wall anchors (plugs).

Ace 56-piece Tool Set

Ace Hardware 56 piece tool set

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This ₱1,295.00 tool set from internationally-known ACE Hardware is billed as a “mechanic’s tool set” but it would work as a small home set for many people.

If you needed to do some light work on your car, bicycle or motorcycle, then it would be a plus to have some of these tools as well.

There’s no hammer but with a regular ratchet handle, an extension, and more hex sockets than the Bosch set above, you’ve got all of the bolts in the house covered. There’s a spark plug socket as well.

A screwdriver handle with 20-bits and a set of 8 Allen (hex) keys cover most all of the other fasteners in the house (or on the vehicle).

A handy pair of regular slip-joint pliers is included and an auto tester probe as well.

A set of zip ties is provided, too. We all know that world is held together by zip ties, right?

A nice, zippered case keeps all of your stuff in one place and secure.

Small But Mighty

Ace Hardware 6 piece tool set

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The last set is also from Ace Hardware. It doesn’t come with a case but it checks most of the boxes on the list of tools you’ll probably use.

It’s a very basic set of 6 tools at a very basic price of ₱695.00.

It has a 13-oz hammer, a 5-meter tape measure, one each of a Philipps and slotted screwdriver, a razor knife and a pair of long-nose pliers.

That’s pretty basic but it might just do the trick in a pinch, right?

You could probably fix most anything with this little 6-piece tool set. But you will have to supply your own toolbox or bag.

Bonus Set

No-name 16 piece tool set

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I ran across this ₱311.00 set while doing research for this blog post. It’s a no-name 16-piece tool set but it has 65 ratings and tops out at 3.5/5 stars.

There’s not much of a description but it looks like it has all of the basics, plus a few extras.

This set has a hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers,a tape measure, two slotted and one Philipps screwdriver, a razor knife, an electrical tester, a set of Allen (hex) wrenches, and a roll of electrical tape. And a case! We like cases, right?

Sometimes these no-name tools wind up doing the job just fine. I have no-name tools that have lasted me for years! And at just ₱311.00, buying this tool set isn’t a gamble at all.





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