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Mindanao vacation – it’s getting closer

Our Mindanao vacation is getting closerIt’s coming! Week by week and day by day the date gets closer for us to leave on our Mindanao vacation. We’re at 95 days now.

That photo at left is the hut we stayed in while in General Santos on our last vacation. We spent time at Isla Jardin Del MarResort in Glan. While we loved it there, it’s probably not on the agenda this time but it sure does make for a nice photo to include in a Mindanao vacation article, doesn’t?

This time we’re going to go over to Boracay Island to see some of my wife’s extended family and we’ll spend a couple of days on Cotabato, too. I haven’t met any of the Cotabato clan except my sweet mother-in-law and my one niece and nephew.

We’re preparing for our Mindanao vacation little by little and trying not to go too crazy yet. I bought a new pair of sandals. Menchu got a new swimsuit. We picked up some shirts and shorts on Clearance (read: cheap, off-season prices) to replace our older clothes.

We had to reacquaint ourselves with the baggage rules for our airlines and reevaluate our old luggage. We bought a new lightweight bag at a really low price that will replace an old, heavy bag that weighed half of the luggage allowance while empty!  Wow! Eleven-pounds of carry-on bag without anything in it!

For the international portion of of trip we’re allowed 2 checked bags each at 23kg each for no charge. For the domestic (within the Philippines) portion of our trip, the limit is 20kg checked baggage per person. So you can see that there is quite a disparity there: 46 kilos split for each versus 20 kilos each.

The new baggage restrictions work out well for us in that we have a ready excuse for bringing less pasalubong**!

Thinking about the Mindanao vacation even when it’s so far away may seem crazy to some people but I think it serves us well. We not only think about what to take and update but also what to exclude. Early planning helps me think of actually carrying stuff and I’ve already decided to leave my large, Canon-branded camera bag and big Speedlite  flash unit for my camera at home.

I like to buy what I need but even more, I like to say, “Nah, I won’t take that!”




** – the traditional gifts you bring to your family and friends to let them know you were thinking about them while you were away.

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