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The Covid-19 Clearinghouse Post

Photo of a surgical mask laying on a wooden table.

I won’t rehash all of the things we know about the virus that has had the world in its grip for months now. Information – good information, true information – is available elsewhere on the Intertubes (as I call the internet).

Another thing I won’t do (much) is skewer the conspiracy nuts that seem to pack the ranks of expats. They are of a “type” of malcontent who believe they have the benefit of secret knowledge courtesy of their YouTube subscriptions. I am so utterly tired of their whining paranoia. Really.

What I will talk about is how it’s been with me in the time of Covid-19.

The Davao City government began modifying the conduct of its employees and offices and requesting businesses and the general public to modify their behavior with a citywide advisory set of guidelines in early March, I believe. The third iteration of the guidelines was released on March 08.

On March 12, the city released a stricter supplement to the guidelines that closed schools for Davao City students, ordered the cancellation of large planned gatherings such as conferences, parties, and conventions, advised the cancellation of religious gathering and for citizens to stay home when possible.

Also on March 12, citizens of Davao City where prohibited from leaving the city and visitors were advised to leave. Vacationers were advised to cancel their plans to visit the city.

Three Executive Orders were released on March 15 restricting entry into Davao and putting the city under quarantine.

On that day, March 15th, my wife and I went out to S&R, the Philippines’ COSTCO. That was the last day I went any farther than our front gate for three months.

Our quarantines have slowly morphed here from completely buttoned-up to the latest which is more relaxed. For a long time, only two people from a household named on a food and medicine “pass” were allowed out on designated shopping days. For the duration there has been a liquor ban: no booze sales at all.

I’ve had one haircut once since March. My wife paid a masked barber to visit the house on the sly and we ALL had our hair cut. We all wore masks as well.

I am afraid of Covid-19. Like a lot of people in their 50s, I have “co-morbidities”, not the least of which is a pesky lung problem.

Davao City’s quarantine has been eased with the hope that the regulations concerning masks and social distancing will be embraced by a people who are more used to getting around rules than obeying them.

I went out on June 16th, to the NBI and the Bureau of Immigration because I had to, not because I wanted to. I went out again to the BI on July 20, August 04 and 05 for the same reasons. We are now allowed out if we mask up and take precautions.

I have not gone out for “pleasure” but I need a damn haircut badly.

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